Build Your Internal Processes in Jira Cloud with Easy Issue Templates

Think of how well projects or tasks have gone with either very little prep or even worse, by “winging it”. It may start out fine, you might feel like you’re flying right through it then all of a sudden, something breaks or fails, and then something else, then another and well, you get the idea. With Easy Issue and Subtask Templates for Jira, that’s a thing of the past!

Linchpin at BSH Receives Inkometa Award for Best Intranet!

BSH Home Appliances won this year’s Inkometa Award in the Social Intranet / Collaboration category! Why this is of particular interest to us? Well, because their intranet was created using our Linchpin Intranet Suite! Together with our partner XALT, we replaced their aged, top-down intranet with Linchpin. Read all about the why and how (and who) here.

Why Outsourcing First-level Support Can Make Everyone Happy in the End

Why Outsourcing First-level Support Can Make Everyone Happy in the End - thumbnail

Overworked IT specialists, desperate users: first-level support is a necessary but extremely resource-consuming service in every company. The problem: IT professionals are hard to find, and when capacities are blocked by first-level requests, in the worst case, important projects can’t be started. If the company also uses Atlassian systems, support can be even more difficult, as this requires extra expertise. One possible solution: outsource first-level support. Seibert Media now offers customized service packages for this purpose.

Soon In Your Linchpin Intranet: Timeslots for Events

A dark greyish picture featuring the text "Event Time Slots - Coming Soon To Your Linchpin Intranet Suite" and a screenshot showing an event card and the option to book individual 15-minutes long slots.

An intranet without event management? Unthinkable. Especially in a Confluence-based intranet. To help you organize (and participate in) events in your Linchpin intranet even better, we’re introducing a new feature in October: Timeslots for events! By the way, this feature was requested by some Linchpin users via Canny. This leads us to the question: Canny build it?! Yes, yes we can.

3 Steps To Building More Beautiful and Engaging Pages in Confluence Cloud

More Beautiful and Engaging Pages in Confluence Cloud - thumbnail

You’ve probably seen them: those internet pages that immediately suck you in with their beautiful design and content. But Confluence only has a pretty standard editor that doesn’t let you add a lot of interesting visual elements. Well, if you get the Aura macros, you can make your pages beautiful in just a few steps with just a few of its macros. Read this article to find out how.

How to Better Plan Events with Jira Cloud and Easy Issue Templates

How to better plan events with Jira Cloud and Easy Issue Templates - thumbnail

If you’ve ever been involved in planning an event, you’ll know that there are dozens, sometimes hundreds of things you need to organize. And if you need to organize the same kind of events again and again, creating the same structure of issues in Jira can be very time-consuming, and prone to human error. With Easy Issues and Subtask Templates, that’s a thing of the past!