How Companies Fail in Choosing Intranet Software


There is only one best intranet software. It’s ours.” It’s the condensed marketing message of most ads not only for intranets. We all know it can’t be true if two people say it. But the main problem is that companies still try to find out who is right and who is lying.

New version of for Confluence: Custom Libraries, Universal Search and Visio Import

drawio Artikelbild is a mature add-on that extends Confluence with powerful diagramming functionality. You can create all types of professional diagrams with in its intuitive and responsive editor which is directly integrated into Confluence pages: flow charts, network diagrams, organization charts, UML diagrams, mind maps and many more. It is the most feature-rich add-on of its kind.

Enterprise News Bundle for Confluence: Support for your Custom Intranet News Strategy


News is an integral part of any intranet. This requirement is generally very important for all corporations who carry out evaluations concerning intranets. Intranets are there to keep employees informed about current issues in a timely manner. But news is not just news. There are many different ways to tackle a news concept, depending on the size of the company, company culture, and capacity within the communications department.

The Happy Intranet (Part I)


When, in the middle of a meeting, Martin managed to convince me to start writing blog posts, we were talking about intranets that can live independently, so to speak, because they are ‘fresh, healthy, robust, adaptable and vital’. Nearly everyone understands this metaphor in the work environment. This message is even understood during sales pitches. But its real potential, its incredible resilience, is much harder to understand and to explain.

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