New version of “Microblogging for Confluence” available: Download for free now!

Microblogging for Confluence is a plugin developed by //SEIBERT/MEDIA, which expands Confluence by a seamlessly integrated microblogging function. Developed within the scope of an intern “Hackathon” and since then constantly enhanced by our team, this add-on has gained a great stability and a wealth of features. We have now released a new version. In this article we show the big and small innovations that are part of the latest release.

All posts at a look: Global timeline

Microblogging for Confluence now offers a global timeline on the dashboard, which shows all microblog posts of all Confluence spaces. Authorization is taken into account: The user only sees posts to which he has access rights. In that way, you always have a quick overview of what is happening and what is being discussed within the company.


How to integrate the global timeline in the dashboard is shown in our plugin user guide.

Design adaption for a better usability

To support faster readability, the editor is minimized at the beginning. Only by clicking the editor, it enlarges and offers an input field with all formatting utilities and other functions.

If the microblog is empty and without content, a small graphic points to the fact that you first have to write a post before something can be displayed.

In order to simplify skimming through the timeline, only the first three answers to each post are visible; the rest can be displayed by clicking.

Significant optimization of the comment function

Frequent topics don’t disappear into the darkest corner of the drawer, if new articles are posted. As soon as a post gets a new answer, it will once again be at the top of the overview.

Many small bug fixes

Besides these new features, the team fixed many small bugs. In this context, we want to thank all reporters for telling us about bugs and problems through our public JIRA instance, which we use as an issue tracker.

Use the trial version for free - at least until the Atlassian Summit

Microblogging for Confluence is currently free of charge - and this will remain the case in the future. At least until the Atlassian Summit in September 2014, you can use the fully functional plugin for free. This should be plenty of time to thoroughly and intensively evaluate the productive use.

Already in productive use at //SEIBERT/MEDIA

//SEIBERT/MEDIA already uses the plugin in its own Confluence instance. That way we are able to collect feedback from our employees: A new phase of collecting feedback is currently taking place. Based on the feedback of customers and employees, we will start developing a new version of Microblogging for Confluence in the coming weeks. The update will be available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Further information

You want to test Microblogging for Confluence in you own infrastructure? As mentioned above: The plugin is available for free on the Atlassian Marketplace and can be downloaded and installed directly via your Confluence instance. Needless to say that our developer team is looking forward to feedback and suggestions of all kinds as well as bug reports. For bug reports, the Issue-Tracker-Plugin is most suitable.