The Navigation Menu Editor in LINCHPIN, the Social Intranet Suite based on Confluence

Personalized Intranet Navigation with Multi Language Support

LINCHPIN is the social intranet suite from //SEIBERT/MEDIA, that expands Confluence by a completely customizable internal platform, which is the basis of communication and collaboration among employees.

The Navigation Menu Editor plugin is a central function we have developed. This feature allows for a quick and easy integration of a global navigation bar in the Confluence user interface. It makes it possible to directly access all important pages.

The Navigation Menu Editor allows the creation of individual multi-language menus. For each user interface, you can configure the suitable speech and location information. Thus, the relevant content is available to all internal and external employees in the correct language and with the right set of features.

You are interested in further information about using Confluence as a basis for an intranet? You want to expand an existing platform by a set of helpful enterprise-features? LINCHPIN offers a mature solution, that converts Confluence into a full-value social intranet suite. Detailed information about features and advantages can be found on our special LINCHPIN page.

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