36 use cases for an enterprise microblog (13 – 24)

The digital form of the talk in the hallway, where employees exchange information, news, ideas and project details and receive feedback and input, are a benefit for enterprises. But what are specific use cases for an enterprise microblog? We have collected 36 use cases. After the first twelve, read more about use cases 13 to 24.

13. Publish highly available news instead of posting notes

Notes with reminders for appointments, absence times or tips for daily business are posted to walls and doors in many offices. Compact microblog news are always accessible from any work place at any time - and are noted.

14. Stay up to date - even across subsidiaries

A microblog helps dispersed teams communicate effectively and efficiently. While information in a wiki is documented all encompassing and detailed, the microblog is the only opportunity for the important and useful hallway talks.

15. Share web content with valuable news and relevance for the business

Employees can inform their colleagues about interesting internet content and innovations in the web (websites, techniques, functions, hardware) via microblog and exchange opinions with other team members.

16. Get quick and easy feedback to topics and questions

A microblog is a quick medium that also allows to receive quick feedback. Answers to questions such as "Who is covering for the marketing manager, while she is on vacation?", "Who do I owe money for the pizza today?" or "When will we receive the certificates for the Scrum training?" are quickly found, without having to leave the desk and without sending emails to all.

17. Filter information on daily business

Used consequently and systematically, the internal microblog is an important filter for daily business for many employees: What is posted here, is relevant for many colleagues, what doesn't appear in the microblog is not necessarily of importance for most employees. The use case "filter" helps save time and focus on the really important information.

18. Get in touch with colleagues that you otherwise don't meet

The quick exchange via microblog is motivating and adds to creating a common identity. Especially when teams are spread out, this form of contact is not to be underestimated and an important use case.

19. Coordination and discussion of ideas in the business

Brainstorming elements are one of the strong points of the microblogging concept. It allows to easily communicate ideas in the microblog and to quickly get ahead in the discussion: Several employees think about an idea and comment on it. Internal communication is thus effective and it is possible to receive a broad feedback from many perspectives.

20. Picture data streams from other systems for information and discussion

Dynamic information from other internal systems such as the wiki or the task management system can be integrated into the microblog via interfaces and can be discussed right there.

21. Mobile access to microblog via smartphone

Professional microblogging systems such as Status.net or Communote allow mobile access via smartphone. Content can be not only read but also actively posted. News from a customer appointment can be communicated on short notice and can be discussed. Announcements from key employees can made from the go, such as "My car broke down, I won't be in the office until noon". Microblog entries and comments in discussions can even be made from a train ride.

22. Information about enterprise news

It is possible to embed current news from the enterprise website into the microblog via RSS feed, in order to inform all employees about published news and to keep everyone up to date.

23. Communicate appointments, changes, and reminders internally

A training is moved, the attendance list for an external training is about to close, an internal event is about to happen. Such messages are typical @all emails and are much better located in the microblog, where they can easily and quickly be communicated internally.

24. Prepare for, discuss, and make project decisions together

When projects move into the decisive phase, the microblog can be used in addition to the wiki for extensive documentation to prepare for, discuss, and make project decisions together.

Read the final dozen use cases for an enterprise microblog here. Do you have questions about microblogging in enterprises? Are you interested in introducing an enterprise microblog? We are experts in enterprise communication and are happy to advise you about suitable microblogging software, necessary and possible adjustments, as well as organizational aspects of a launch. Just contact us without compromise.

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