Atlassian confirms: //SEIBERT/ MEDIA is ready for Git Essentials

Git Essentials: seamless structuring of feature-driven development

Git Essentials is the new Atlassian product suite that completely and seamlessly displays the development workflows with Git in software development teams – from agile issue management and repository management to software releases for continuous integration.

Git Essential combines the following products:

  • JIRA (issue tracking and project management system)
  • JIRA Agile (JIRA extension for digitally displaying agile processes)
  • Stash (Git repository management system)
  • Bamboo (continuous integration server)

With all these products, the suite enables both structured and flexible planning and development workflows with adaptable processes, few context switches, the greatest possible visibility of tasks and their progress and more efficiency due to the automation of many tasks that previously needed to be done manually. Git Essentials seamlessly supports common and established Git workflows and makes it easier for teams to adapt DVCS.

Demo: This is how JIRA, Stash and Bamboo work together

A wonderful example of how JIRA/JIRA Agile, Stash and Bamboo are integrated is provided in this extensive demo in which Jens Schumacher (Group Project Manager for Dev tools at Atlassian) demonstrates directly in the system how the tools interact including: issues, branches, pull requests, tests and the successful, quality-assured delivery of changes to the main code base.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is “Git Essentials-enabled”

Atlassian has granted chosen Experts Partners the label "Git Essentials-enabled". //SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of these Expert Partners which means that //SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of six current global Atlassian partners who Atlassian has confirmed are able to comprehensively assist clients with Git Essentials including: consultation, licensing, introduction, implementation, training and more.

Now you can be sure that when choose us, you are choosing an excellent, professional and experienced local partner for establishing the Git and the Atlassian tool suite for your development teams.

Do you want your teams to benefit from Git best practices? Do you need help migrating from SVN to Git? Do you plan on expanding your existing Atlassian infrastructure to receive the benefits of deep integration? We are happy to help, so feel free to contact us with no obligation!

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