Classroom Licenses: Atlassian products for free at your university

You are a teacher or student at a university and want to gain practical experience working with Atlassian tools? Atlassian offers you the opportunity to use numerous products with the Classroom License - free of charge. All you have to do is submit an application.

Why use Atlassian tools in your project?

For budding software developers in particular, using Atlassian products during their studies is a great way to start working early on with tools designed for use in professional enterprises.

Atlassian tools are used to in over 20,000 companies in more than 100 countries to guide the development of software products, document progress and improve internal communication.

Students who use these systems during their studies (e.g. to complete a university project) gain valuable practical experience using sophisticated, modern technology, secure a competitive advantage for their future professional lives and lay the foundation for a seamless start in the practice of developing software.

Many universities take advantage of this offer. Here are a few notable examples:


For which tools are Classroom Licenses available?

Classroom Licenses are available for all Atlassian products. Here, you can find more detailed information about the systems:

How is the Classroom License different from the Academic License?

The free Classroom License entitles you to use Atlassian tools to work on projects at your academic institution and for educational purposes to give students a chance to gain practical expertise.

This license does not cover commercial use for the entire academic institution. Your university needs an Academic License for comprehensive and permanent use of Atlassian Tools.

What you must do

Unlike Commercial and Academic Licenses, Classroom Licenses cannot be ordered and must be applied for. Please apply for a Classroom License using the Atlassian application form, which asks you to provide information about your institution, planned use and verifications.

The Classroom license is usually granted without any problems upon legitimate and comprehensive requests. As an official distribution partner of Atlassian and Atlassian Platinum Expert, however, //SEIBERT/MEDIA can support your application, clarify any questions quickly in cases of doubt and speed up the process. Feel free to contact us with no obligation!

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