Billing for Atlassian licenses: Payment terms and procedures

//SEIBERT/MEDIA covers the fees for customers of Atlassian licenses

Atlassian offers returns on licenses within 30 days of purchase. Customers who purchase Atlassian licenses from //SEIBERT/MEDIA have this period of time to reimburse us for the licenses.

This is how we conduct the licensing process: When you order a license for an Atlassian product from us, we cover the fees for you. As soon as we receive the license code, we use our credit card to make an advance payment directly to Atlassian for the license fees. We then send you a normal invoice that you must pay within two weeks.

We are happy to advance money for up to 30 days, but we cannot pre-finance licenses due to potential risks. This means in cases of doubt, we will return the license shortly before the expiration of the 30-day period if we still have not received payment from you. This does not mean we do not trust our customers. We bill for licenses this way because it is the only way we can secure our processes.

Always be on the safe side thanks to temporary evaluation licenses

To make sure your production instances are not affected, we will immediately provide you with evaluation licenses for your Atlassian systems that you can operate and use just like a regular license. Once we receive your payment, we will immediately provide you with the new regular licenses that you paid for.

This means that even if your payment for the license invoice is delayed, e.g. due to a complex approval process, you are on the safe side and do not have to worry about being unable to use your production systems.

Your partner for Atlassian products

Do you plan on introducing Atlassian tools or extending licenses? Do you have technical or organizational questions? As an official Atlassian distribution partner and Atlassian Platinum Expert with experience from hundreds of Atlassian projects, we are happy to assist you with the entire product portfolio of the Australian software manufacturer. Feel free to contact us with no obligation.

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