The Atlassian Foundation and Atlassian’s Crowdsourcing Project

Interview: How Atlassian gives back

Atlassian invests part of their success into the Atlassian Foundation, supporting non-profit organizations:  One percent of the enterprises turnover is invested in charity projects. Atlassian employees are encouraged to dedicate one percent of their work time to volunteer work. Furthermore, all revenues of the ten dollar starter licenses goes straight to the Atlassian Foundation.

Room to Read, a non-profit organization that supports literacy and gender equality in education in developing countries, is the main project supported by The Atlassian Foundation.

During our last visit to Sydney we talked to Melissa Beaumont Lee, Foundation Manger at Atlassian. In the following interview we talk about the Atlassian Foundation, their goals, the one percent model of Atlassian, and the crowd surfing project

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