LINCHPIN: 100% Social Intranet with Confluence

Why use LINCHPIN to implement a real social intranet in your Confluence wiki? LINCHPIN is the central hub for your employees, featuring top down communication and full personalization, depending on location and language settings. Based on your LDAP, your active directory, the Navigation Menu Editor will customize contents for the user. LINCHPIN offers News, Highlights, Expert Search, Menus, and much more.

You want to know more about LINCHPIN or the personalization options offered? LINCHPIN is a Confluence based intranet with many great features, such as as a custom user profile, microblog, navigation menu editor and an app store. Curious? Please contact us!

The Navigation Menu Editor in LINCHPIN, the Social Intranet Suite based on Confluence
The AppStore in LINCHPIN: Social Intranets With Confluence
Social Intranet With LINCHPIN – Personalized News For All Users
Social Intranet with LINCHPIN – Personalized Global Navigation
Social Intranet with LINCHPIN – The Highlights Plugin