HipChat Server 1.0 released – Real Time Communication for Teams. Securely behind the Firewall

As announced during the 2013 Atlassian Summit, HipChat Server 1.0 was just released. Atlasssian's professional team chat and instant messaging solution HipChat can now be run securely behind the Firewall. Great news for businesses in search of a straight forward, quick and slim platform for team communication and for whom a Cloud Service is not an option. Plans for HipChat Server start at $10 for up to 10 users per year. Proceeds from sales of the $10 starter version will be donated to charity.

All known Features included

Not much news regarding features for the end user with Version 1.0. In general, HipChat Server offers all features, that HipChat has already offered as Cloud version: persistent chat rooms with a complete history, one on one chats, file sharing, screen sharing, a powerful search, integration with other Atlassian Products, cool emoticons and more. Now fully integrated in your own IT infrastructure.


HipChat Server by Atlassian


(Only limitation: Video Chats are done with AddLive, an internet hosted service. Audio and Video will not go through HipChat Server. The system only sets up the connection between the HipChat clients of the participants).

Integration in User Directories

Integration into IT infrastructure also means, that HipChat Server can be matched with existing user directories. It supports Active Directory, LDAP and Crowd to manage and authenticate users for HipChat.

Easy Deployment

HipChat Server is virtual and supports VMWare and Amazon Web Services. The system can update itself via a click and install the latest features as soon as they are deployed. And Atlassian has announced short release cycles for HipChat Server!

Data Export

HipChat Server allows for saving and exporting data: Administrators also have the option to export Chat histories and data attachments. An important factor for many businesses from a compliance point of view.

Ready for any sector and business

With shipping the Server version, HipChat is now ready for sectors and business with increased security and compliance requirements. The system will be run behind the firewall and without any connections to outside, if you can live without the one on one video chat. Teams will profit from mature functions that are already known from the Cloud version.

We are your Partner for HipChat Server

You have questions about the new Atlassian Product? Would you like to test or license HipChat Server? Do you need help with integration in your system environment? //SEIBERT/MEDIA is Atlassian Platinum Expert and one of the biggest Atlassian Partners in the world. We gladly assist you in all aspects of introducing and productively using HipChat Server: Consultation, Licensing, Integration, Support. Just contact us!

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