Terms-of-Use-Plugin: Clarify your terms of use in Confluence for all Users

In almost any software installation, when registering for online portals and on many more occasions it is necessary to confirm terms of use. The Terms-of-Use-Plugin for Confluence by //SEIBERT/MEDIA, you can add a disclaimer with terms of use to your collaboration system.

Use Cases

Many businesses want to ensure that their employees who work in Confluence follow certain rules: what is desirable, what is not desired? Which use cases should be displayed in the wiki and which ones shouldn't?

On occasion, this is also explicitly required by the works council: For example, new users need to be informed that work results are personalized, and that performance can be measured.

Maybe you are using a Confluence based extranet or a public wiki and work with external people. There are some use cases, where it is useful, effective and efficient to confirm acknowledgement.

This is how it works

When a user logs into Confluence for the first time, he or she will be displayed a page with terms of use (or relevant other information). If these terms are not accepted, the login screen will be displayed again. In turn, when the terms are accepted, the user is logged into the system and can fully use Confluence. The confirmation will be safed.

Accepting the terms of use is a one-time action. Subsequent logins are completely normal. Only when the administator changes the terms of use, all users will be asked to accept them again when logging into Confluence.

The notifications and the corresponding terms of use can be formatted in HTML commands. It is simple to format with headlines, paragraphs, enumerations etc. (Script tags and potentially viral code are automatically removed)


This is how an admin edits the notification in simple HTML:



Example of a notification that will show up for the user:


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