Upload images and use keyboard shortcuts with Microblogging for Confluence

Now you can upload images in the microblogging for Confluence editor via drag and drop or via the upload button. Shortcuts allow you to edit even quicker. Deep links take you to a new page with the whole conversation where you can also reply. Take a look at the video to see the features in action.

You want to know more about LINCHPIN or the personalization options offered? LINCHPIN is a Confluence based intranet with many great features, such as as a custom user profile, microblog, navigation menu editor and an app store. Curious? Please contact us!

The Navigation Menu Editor in LINCHPIN, the Social Intranet Suite based on Confluence
The AppStore in LINCHPIN: Social Intranets With Confluence
Social Intranet With LINCHPIN – Personalized News For All Users
Social Intranet with LINCHPIN – Personalized Global Navigation

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