Microblogging for Confluence: Now with daily summary via email

Microblogging for Confluence is a plugin developed by //SEIBERT/MEDIA for Atlassian's collaboration system. The tool seamlessly integrates social media functions known from networks like twitter and facebook into the Confluence intranet and allows for quick and simple exchange, more visibility and transparency of ideas, feedback and discussions. (See our demo video for opportunities and core functionalities). We have now delivered Microblogging for Confluence version 1.5.

New: Daily Summary via email

Not all employees have constant access to the Confluence intranet and it's integrated microblog. It is often not possible to access it during vacation or from the road, since Confluence is behind the firewall. To allow these users to stay up to date of what their coworkers are up to, what's new and which topics are being discussed, the daily summary offers a comfortable solution to get automatic updates of microblog topics via email.

In it's latest version, Microblogging for Confluence offers a button in the global timeline to subscribe to the “Daily Digest” via click (activation of the checkbox):


It allows the user to choose the time of delivery, thus receiving the updates when he or she needs them. The time of sending can be easily be adjusted afterward. (The server time is always the valid time, which may differ from the local time of the user).


The email with a daily summary will be sent to the address of the employee that is saved in the system. It contains all unread microblog posts of the day without requiring access to the intranet.

Not only does the digest offer current information, but also action links to interact with colleagues ('reply', 'like'). A click takes the user to the according function in the timeline, which of course requires access to Confluence.

Microblogging 15 Zusammenfassung

What's next?

Currently, the daily digest function is only available for the global microblog in one single Confluence instance. Our dev team will deliver subscriptions to space specific microblogs of specific teams, departments or projects in one of the next versions. The requirement to respond to microblog posts via email and mark them with 'like' directly from the digest is also planned and will soon be realized.

Download and test for free

Microblogging for Confluence is available in the Atlassian Marketplace to download for your Confluence instance. It gives you an opportunity to test the plugin for 30 days for free and without any commitment. SWIFT, our instant hosting service for Atlassian products is a great way for your evaluation. Do you need support with licensing or integration into your system? Feel free to contact us, we are glad to consult with you.

By the way, microblogging for Confluence is also part of the Confluence based Intranet Suite LINCHPIN developed by //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

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