JIRA Portfolio 1.9: visualize capacities, configure sprints flexibly

JIRA Portfolio helps linking business strategy with daily business. The latest version of JIRA Portfolio 1.9 makes portfolio planning even more realistic. Due to the new capacity visualization, it is easy to see how much work can be done. It becomes transparent whether dates and deadlines really are realistic. Also, it is now possible to edit work day settings to include holidays and off times to be considered in the portfolio plan.

Visualize workload

In the graphical schedule you can now see quickly where your capacity is at - how your availability is and where you are overbooked. The schedule can be viewed globally or at team or member level.


Agile teams working with Scrum or Kanban can now create plans by taking into consideration the planned workload and velocity. The capacity view allows to plan deliverables that might take several sprints to be completed, and it enables you to coordinate between teams. Visibility is available down to teams or team member level. Skill sets and specializations of team members are taken into account.

Planning according to your team schedule

Now you can configure the plan schedule to match your real work schedule, taking into account any amount of hours per day or work days per week. Time off can be configured as needed by setting non-working days.


Flexible sprint configuration

The new flexible sprint configuration allows you to have custom sprint durations to accurately reflect the team's work schedule.  All that's required is to define the dates, assign a team and all other sprints will schedule around the fixed sprints. It is also possible to see what teams are working on in the "sprints" column in the backlog view.


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