Licenses for 500-1,000 users are now available for the Data Center versions of Jira, Confluence, and Stash.

Interesting for growing, IT-oriented organizations

Atlassian has rolled out additional license sizes for Data Center deployments of Jira, Confluence and Stash. Licenses for 500-1,000 users are now available for all three systems.

What is particularly interesting is that the initial Data Center prices for the 500-user licenses correspond one-to-one to the initial license fees for the standard versions of Jira, Confluence, and Stash for 500+ users. (For Data Center, however, these fees are charged annually whereas the standard licenses do not need to be extended.)

User JIRA Server JIRA DC Confluence Server Confluence DC Stash Server Stash DC
500 12.000 USD 12.000 USD 12.000 USD 12.000 USD 16.000 USD 16.000 USD
1.000 - 24.000 USD - 24.000 USD 24.000 USD 24.000 USD
2.000  16.000 USD 48.000 USD 16.000 USD 48.000 USD 48.000 USD 48.000 USD

As a result, customers have the opportunity early in the Atlassian adaptation life cycle to learn about the possibilities afforded by Data Center deployments. This is an exciting offer in particular for mid-sized organizations with intensive IT use and for fast-growing companies that want to get their Atlassian applications ready for business operations at an early stage. The requirement for high availability along with heavy use is surely important to more than just large corporate groups.

What Does Data Center Offer?

The Data Center versions have essentially all the same features as server systems. Users will notice no discernible difference in terms of functionality. Furthermore, Data Center is optimized for data center operations and is customized to meet the specific requirements of business applications.

High availability: Active-active clustering helps ensure that systems are available without interruption even in cases of unexpected hardware failure. By using load-balancing technology (hardware or software), loads can be intelligently distributed to Data Center clusters. Furthermore, the Data Center platforms integrate industry standards for clustering databases and distributed file systems to minimize single points of failure.

Performance when scaling: Each node in the Data Center cluster increases the capacity for competing users without losing capacity. Increased application throughput prevents performance dips during times of peak usage. Specific nodes can be assigned automated tasks (e.g. reporting or integrations) so that the highest service quality possible is guaranteed for critical teams in the company.

Instantaneous scalability: Deploying additional cluster nodes can quickly scale Data Center platform capacity without leading to downtime. New nodes can be added to clusters at any time, and existing node plugins automatically synchronize with each new node.

Who is the Data Center target group?

Coming back to the problems touched on above: Does a company with 500, 600, or 900 users need Data Center platforms at all? Aren't classic server installations good enough for this size of company?

There is no general answer to this question. The Data Center deployments are high-end products that meet the highest demands on performance and uptime. Such high demands are faced mostly by organizations where system use is very intensive. Usage intensity is also a major factor when determining whether it is practical or profitable to switch to a Data Center platform.

Does your Jira, Confluence and/or Stash always run and perform smoothly? Are there no indications that system use may increase dramatically in the near to mid-term? Then you likely do not need Data Center. On the other hand, a Stash or Jira instance in which several hundred developers work non-stop the entire day can reach its limits in the server version. The same also applies to Confluence.

The following usually applies: A large company with 10,000 occasional users does not fall into the Data Center target group. A classic server installation is likely completely sufficient. A software company with a few hundred heavy users is definitely a potential candidate for the Data Center platform. The answer must therefore be decided on a case-by-case basis. At any rate, the new 500-user licenses offer small and mid-sized companies a solid alternative.

Would you like to learn more? Can we help you objectively assess your needs? Feel free to contact us!

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