Easy Events for Confluence: Now With Categories for Events and Meetings

The larger a company is, the more events, meetings and appointments are scheduled. The types of events are mixed: meetings and jours fixes, training sessions and workshops, parties, group sporting events, team days, maintenance schedules for systems, and more.

Event overviews can quickly become confusing when a large number of events are held on one day. Easy Events 1.6 offers a solution for Confluence in this updated version.

Event categorization

For enterprises and teams with multiple (types) of events, Easy Events now offers categorization functionality. When creating or editing an event, users have a new option to assign the event to one or more categories with a practical drop-down menu. Autocomplete helps users find the right category quickly, especially when there are a large number to choose from. The categories assigned to an event can be seen in the event view.

Edit event macro   Easy Events categories

Filtering events by type

These categories can be used to create filtered event lists or calendar views.  Filters can be set in the Event List and Event Calendar macros. Users can therefore create lists of specific events, for example training courses, or perhaps show planned outages for upcoming system maintenance (in the screenshot below).

Category filter   Maintenance dates example

Create categories easily

These new functions are easy for administrators to configure.  Easy Events adds a new entry for categories in the general Confluence administration area. Here, categories can be freely created, edited and deleted.

Event categories

With these new features, Easy Events for Confluence offers the ability to filter events with flexibility as never before, making it easy to display only the events in lists and overviews that your team needs in any specific situation.

You are welcome to test this add-on: the updated version of EasyEvents is available in the Atlassian Marketplace.

By the way, we've renamed Easy Events to be Linchpin Events. Did you know it is one of the core apps in Linchpin, our Confluence-based social intranet suite?

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