RheinMainJS Meetup on 26 January 2017 at //SEIBERT/MEDIA in Wiesbaden

RheinMainJSThe JavaScript User Group Wiesbaden und Mainz (in German) has their twelfth meeting on the 26 January 2017, and we are hosting them at //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

RheinMainJS is a user group focusing on JavaScript and related areas such as mobile development. It is open to everyone who is interested in technology and you are invited to attend the bi-monthly meetings free of charge.

Presentations and knowledge exchange

RheinMainJS meetups traditionally focus on one or more presentations, in which participants present their experience with interesting technological problems and projects, and share helpful insights and tips.

This time, there are three talks on the program with a focus on AngularJS. These are the planned presentations:

"React" by Michael Bykovski (webpage in German)
"Joy and sorrow from an Angular/ionic 2 project" by Alain Sarti
"Comparison of Angular 1 & Angular 2" by Stefan Trost

After these presentations, there will be time to exchange, discuss and make contacts with snacks and drinks.

When and where?

The meeting on the 26 January begins at 7pm and goes until 10pm. It is held in the //SEIBERT/MEDIA office in the LuisenForum, which is in the Wiesbaden inner city (see our route planner). If you are driving, the best car park to use is Karlstraße 4, directly next to us.

So that we can plan for appropriate numbers of participants, please register for free with a couple of clicks at our Vita-Event page.

We are looking forward to seeing you and hope you will enjoy the presentations at the twelfth meet up of the RheinMainJS on 26 January in Wiesbaden. ?

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Further Information

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