Employer Branding: Original actions for an even better working environment

Small and medium-sized companies in the IT industry have to come up with something today in order to be able to keep up with the big enterprises of tomorrow, in terms of personnel and holding their own in the search for capable specialists.

When the personnel departments of industry giants and corporations call, it is usually not so easy to stay on the ball. This is why a company like //SEIBERT/MEDIA needs to work hard to be more attractive to employees and its applicants, even if the employee would take an (apparently) lower risk with the choice of a corporation as an employer and start in a (supposed) safe haven. Original and creative activities such as the //SEIBERT/MEDIA art gallery help create the best possible working environment.

Employer branding strategy: continuously optimize the work environment

The keywords here are branding and profiling as an employer. The employer, however, is not a brand of houseplants. Rather, we believe that strategic thinking and action is highly necessary.

Our employer branding strategy is to create and continually optimize an environment in which our employees find the right prerequisites to permanently and consistently up their performance.

Ambitious and qualified people are becoming increasingly important to the work environment. Hence, the move of //SEIBERT/MEDIA from the outskirts of town to the LuisenForum in downtown Wiesbaden. It was really a great opportunity to reach a new level here (actually, it was due to an involuntary change of building ownership).

A lot of natural light, a well thought-out floor plan with generous amounts of space, open team offices, but also with rooms to retreat to, a huge terrace directly accessible from almost all offices with a view over the entire city (who wouldn't like to work on their notebook outdoors on nice days?), short walks to shops, snacks and restaurants right in the house, or the top traffic connections are persuasive, and are factors which we all have quickly come to appreciate. (We have a small video tour of our office  for you, website in German.)

Soft factors: small measures taken to ensure long-term effects

In addition, there are often small events that, together with many others, develop a long-term positive effect: A barbecue for watching the European Football Championship, tips for finding accommodation in the wiki, weekly office-provided massages, a good and varied lunch daily, flexible hours that move away from the dull 9-to-5 rhythm, free coffee and bottled water, and much more.

Or, you could hold an art exhibition. The newly opened //SEIBERT/MEDIA gallery is one of many components of our employer branding strategy. We asked our staff to submit art using green as a primary influence to match the //SEIBERT/MEDIA theme. All in all, our organizing committee has completely and successfully released what had begun as just a crazy idea.

We got approximately 20 submissions, in the form of large-format prints on hard foam panels, which now adorn one of our corridors. We loved the beautiful and creative results.

The Quintessence: It is often not necessary to improve the working environment once again with original events. It is simply a good idea. Creativity in the implementation and the willingness to contribute, as well as a small amount of money for the implementation, is necessary though. And isn't it much cooler when individual work from the staff embellish and enrich the office instead of IKEA printouts?

We are also working on making candidates and employees attracted to us by having other persuasive soft factors, and creating the best conditions for our colleagues to come to work and to feel comfortable while here. Everything contributes to the best possible environment.

Interested in us as an employer? Come to our OpenOffice!

Are you interested in //SEIBERT/MEDIA as an employer? Then take a look and come by. We are happy to guide you through our office and invite you for a coffee or a beer over the roofs of Wiesbaden. A nice opportunity to take part in would be our regular OpenOffice, in which we began in 2012. On every third Friday of the month, we invite people who want to visit us, to be here at 4:00p.m. without any pressure and without an agenda: Just take part in our small office tour, get to know some of our colleagues, drink something, and chat a little.

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