Custom User Profiles: Improved Collaboration Using Linked Fields

//SEIBERT/MEDIA's Custom User Profile add-on allows users to expand their user profiles in Confluence with new fields and to personalize these fields for different user groups. Our development team has delivered Custom User Profile version 1.17 with practical new features.

Linked email addresses, phone numbers, and instant messenger IDs

Do you need to communicate with colleagues quickly and easily, directly from within Confluence? This was not possible for far too long. Phone numbers and email addresses had to be manually entered, or copied and pasted. In the latest version, the Custom User Profile add-on provides a practical function that links applications to profile fields and makes them ideal for quickly contacting colleagues.

When you click on an email address, the email client opens automatically. Similarly, clicking on a phone number opens the telephone software, and the chat client is opened when you click on an instant messenger ID.

New field types

This linking functionality is implemented with the help of new field types in the profile configuration. Instead of a simple text field, phone number and Instant Messenger field types are now available for telephone numbers and instant messenger IDs.

The configuration for the Instant Messenger field type requires additional information about the protocol type and the host of the messenger software. At the moment, the add-on currently supports  XMPP for instant messaging. Further protocols for the integration of HipChat, Skype etc. are planned for future releases. The host is defined company-wide in the add-on configuration so that a user only needs to specify their ID in their profile, or alternatively it can be imported from LDAP.

A textual link (Call to Action) can be displayed in the user's profile, instead of their messenger ID.

Better and faster collaboration

Custom User Profile makes collaboration in your company easier and faster thanks to these new features. In addition to the user profiles, these features are available in all macros provided by this add-on: vCard, user search and user lists. You are welcome to test our Custom User Profile add-on: The newest version is available on the Atlassian marketplace now. Custom User Profile is a central feature of Linchpin, our Confluence-based social intranet suite and is now called Linchpin User Profiles.

Additional updates, improvements, and bug fixes in this release

  • Lists can now be pre-sorted based on a profile field, via the User List macro configuration.
  • XML data import is now available for almost all field types.
  • The performance of the User Search macro has been improved.
  • An error that occurred when editing a page in Confluence 6 with the "Datepicker" has been fixed.
  • Custom landing spaces can be assigned to individual Confluence user groups.
  • An error where the User List macro displayed undefined values in a column has been fixed.

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