The Biggest News from the Keynote at Atlassian Summit Europe in Barcelona - Atlassian Summit 2017 keynoteJust a short time ago, the keynote ended with the official opening of Atlassian Summit Europe by the co-founder and CEOĀ Scott Farquhar. The Fira Barcelona hall was filled to overflowing. You could see on Twitter that some participants weren't even allowed to enter and had to watch the keynote on monitors.

It's impossible to reproduce such an abundance of news and information in a compact blog post (and immediately after the end of the keynote). If you want to know all the details, just scroll through our live blog of Summit. Right now, we want to focus on the most important news regarding the Atlassian products.

Great new features

What Atlassian has in store for Trello, we still don't know. šŸ˜€ But a Summit keynote neverĀ comes without major feature announcements.

  • Bamboo 6 is outĀ and offers Configuration as Code.
  • Available for Cloud for a while now: JIRA Software now also hasĀ Kanban backlogs in the server version.
  • Portfolio for JIRA has been expanded by portfolio programs.

Comprehensive re-design of all products

Atlassian has been working on the largest design project in its history: AnĀ simple, attractive, content-focused, product- and device-wide user experience. The concept is called Simply Powerful and it will be initially rolled out across the cloud products. Bitbucket has been implementedĀ first, next in line isĀ JIRA and the rest of the cloud products and finallyĀ the server and data center software will be updated. What was shown in the keynote is actually a significant change. We are curious about how this will feel in practice. We will have to get used to the electric blue, that visitors to the Atlassian website have been seeing more frequently lately, across the Atlassian products now. šŸ˜€

New Data Center products

All of the features announced at the last Summit have now been added toĀ Atlassian Data Center products: zero-downtime updates, a performance testing framework (soon available for Confluence), Smart Mirrors for Bitbucket, Quickstart Guides for AWS, and SAML- Support. Now the product family will be expanded: HipChat Data Center and Crowd Data Center are currently in their closed beta phase and theĀ public beta will soon be released.

Future product strategy

Features are differently prioritized by Atlassian across the deployment options (Server, Data Center, Cloud). Their cloud products are the testing ground where Atlassian gathersĀ feedback and Ā functions mature before they are delivered forĀ server and data center (as per the previously mentioned Kanban backlogs for JIRA). Atlassian will continue to invest in all three deployment options, enabling customers to useĀ the solution that fits their unique business and specific needs.

That's it for the most important news from the keynote for Atlassian customers. If you are also interested in the details and want to see more from Summit, we can gladly oblige: We are here with a large team on site and plan toĀ report in detail overĀ the entire Summit. Please visitĀ our live blog for the event. šŸ˜‰

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