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"Being able to program is like mastering a superpower - you can change the world with it!"

Our CEO Martin Seibert said about the same thing. And the fact is, the economy will need more and more developers in the medium and long term than ever before. We think that young people should get interested in, and inspired by this profession at an early stage.

For this reason, //SEIBERT/MEDIA created (site in German): We hold events every two weeks to give students experience with modular programming. (My colleague Torsten Groß wrote an article about it last year on our German blog.)

Kids on computers attending

The notebooks were kindly made available to us by Oldwig Jancke from the LEAR Corporation in Gustavsburg, Germany. Thanks again a thousand times over!

For the first steps to learn any programming language and to go through the courses that we use at, the requirements for the computer are quite minimal. You really only need a browser to access the internet. If you want to follow the traditional approach and learn a language with a book, you do not even need an internet connection.

Therefore, we were happy the notebooks were given to us. With a few clicks from our IT colleagues, we configured the systems uniformly so that each participant always had the same foundation, and so they could seamlessly use a different computer at each workshop.

Again, a great big thanks must be sent to Christian Duncker of the IKS Rüsselsheim, whose co-organizers are always on hand to help us. He is involved with his own project We, Robits, bringing children, youth programming, and the MINT professions closer together.

Notebooks used at

During the Christmas season, we received a request from Robert Panholzer, our expert partner at Atlassian, to see whether or not we would like to spontaneously support an Atlassian Foundation project for asylum seekers by providing laptops. In short, we sent more than ten of our laptops to Nuremberg for this project, where they are currently being used in various courses — pretty cool!

When the request came, it was perfect timing, because we had just increased our inventory several weeks before with newer computers. By chance, we were able to get a good bargain online for twelve computers. The computers mentioned above were simply sitting in reserve, to be used during our sessions, if all of the more recent notebooks were already in use.

It quickly became clear to us that we could give away these computers without restricting our own events.

Notebooks on a table, ready for

If you would like to learn more about our programming sessions and, or want to register, please look at our event page (in German).

We look forward to hearing from you!

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