Atlassian Stack: The Holistic Solution from Atlassian

The Australian software vendor, with its new product suite Stack, gives you the opportunity to license the entire Atlassian portfolio at a cost-effective flat-rate. This is perfect for large companies whose internal infrastructure is based on Atlassian products or who are planning to convert to an Atlassian infrastructure.

This offer is primarily for enterprise-scale customers who (want to) do software development, project management, documentation, digital communications and collaboration, as well as customer service, with Atlassian software, providing the highest level of availability, performance and scalability of their infrastructure. The Atlassian stack includes the following systems and tools:

Data Center products Server products Add-ons and Services

Instead of individually licensing of all these products, enterprise customers can save almost 50 percent of licensing costs by taking advantage of this offer. In our Knowledge Base, you will find detailed information about the annual license costs of Atlassian Stack.

There are a few aspects to consider when switching to Atlassian Stack, in addition to the pure scope of functions and pricing. Would you like to know more, and find out if Atlassian Stack is a useful, beneficial solution for your organization? We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you personally: please contact our licensing team on +(49) 611 205 70 120!

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