Atlassian for Enterprises: Presentation by Keshav Puttaswamy

//SEIBERT/MEDIA's Atlassian Enterprise Club (AEC) had its most recent customer meeting on March 28th. It was a full house at our Wiesbaden office, with many important customers, great discussions, interesting lectures, and seamless organization, all of which created a successful experience with plenty of positive feedback.

This year, we were able to host a notable guest from Sydney, Australia at our AEC meeting, Keshav Puttaswamy, Head of Product (Server) at Atlassian. In his presentation, Atlassian for Enterprises, he gives a comprehensive overview about what's been done with Atlassian's server products and looks ahead towards further development. Here is the full presentation:

On June 20th, there will be yet another AEC customer meeting in our Wiesbaden office. This time, the focus will be on JIRA. More info to come.

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