Interview: Atlassian Summit Europe 2017 Review With John Wetenhall (Strategy & Operations Manager for Confluence)

Immediately after Atlassian Summit Europe in Barcelona, ​​an Atlassian employee visited us in Wiesbaden: John Wetenhall (Twitter, LinkedIn) is the Strategy and Operations Manager for Confluence. Of course, we took advantage of this opportunity, and had John join us in a couple of webinars. 🙂

In the following video, we looked back at the Summit, summarized the most important news and rumors, and drilled down into some topics a bit deeper. What will the comprehensive re-design of the Atlassian product range include: Will the intended simplification result in features being removed? How far along in development is HipChat Data Center, and could there be scalability issues? What is Atlassian's product strategy over the medium term for the different deployments (Cloud, Server, Data Center)? What exactly does Atlassian want to do with Trello?

John Wetenhall answers these questions and more in this half-hour chat with Martin Seibert:

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