Linchpin Theme Plugin Released as Enterprise Version

After the free version of the Linchpin Theme Plugin came out on the Atlassian Marketplace several weeks ago, our development team also released the Enterprise edition. The Linchpin Theme Plugin allows you to customize Confluence without having to do any programming. You can tailor it specifically to match your organization's design, create a header and logo, custom footer and navigation menu, personalized buttons and other elements. What used to be a project in and of itself, can now be done with considerably less effort. You can even switch between different themes as needed.
All of the standard plugin features are also included in the Enterprise add-on—and they come with many extras.

Configuration of a space layout

New space layout function

One new feature that the Linchpin Theme Plugin – Enterprise comes with is the space layout function. Now, users have the freedom to create independent space layouts and allocate these to specific spaces within Confluence. All of this can be done without impacting the general theme, leaving the rest of the spaces unchanged.

There are many different practical uses for the space layout function. For instance, you can arrange Confluence spaces for different products or services according to specific branding. Teams and departments can customize their own spaces with logos, colors, as well as specific elements and navigation options for more effective collaboration. Are you looking for a Confluence-based intranet where you can set up separate spaces for collaboration and communication? Now, you're able to customize each of these spaces based on a respective partner's customer point of view.

Design examples of the Linchpin Theme Plugin – Enterprise including the space layout function.

Through the interaction with other Linchpin Intranet Suite plugins, we're able to give you more options, so you can change your own company's design and offer your employees a better user experience. All add-ons, such as the navigation menu editor or select third-party plugins, can be customized with the Linchpin Theme Plugin. And through this, your personalized Confluence theme or another intranet instance's theme, can be fully optimized and polished.

Demo Video: New in the Linchpin Theme Plugin

In the following short video, we'll show you how the Linchpin Theme Plugin's space layout function looks in real life.

Which features are still being planned?

Of course, product development hasn't ended with this release. The current set of features are being built upon in order to make theming simpler and provide more visual customization options. There are plans to advance footer customization, as well as to introduce an image processing tool and automatic color recognition for downloaded logos, which can then generate a corresponding design automatically.

Meeting our clients' needs is of the highest importance to us, and we'd love to hear your thoughts. In your opinion, which feature absolutely needs to be included in next release of Linchpin Theme Plugin? It would help us a lot if you could fill out a short survey. Click here and share your opinion with us!

Further information

By the way, we've renamed Linchpin Theme Plugin to be Linchpin Theme.
Did you know it is one of the core apps in Linchpin, our Confluence-based social intranet suite

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