Agile Coaches at //SEIBERT/MEDIA – Working With Teams and Individuals

In this series of blog posts, I have talked a lot about the work of our Agile Coaches at the company level - specifically about the tasks our team performs for education and training, employer branding and recruiting, as well as corporate development. I've also mentioned the reasons why we consider these tasks important. But of course we also work as intensively as possible at the level of teams and individuals - that is, the actual job of Scrum Masters. In this final post I will show what we are doing here in more definite terms.

Working within and between teams

Even though we have many tasks that are more likely to be at the company level, work in and between the teams is a large and very important part of our activities as Agile Coaches. These are the tasks that are typically assigned to Scrum Masters.

What does this involve? One of our most important tasks is meeting moderation, where some are part of the daily work of our agile teams. We also play a supporting role, especially in cross-team coordination meetings.

In addition to moderating meetings, team building and team development activities play a major role in our daily work with the teams. We help organize and execute team days and identify development potential in the teams. We actively support the improvement of processes and methods, especially for those which are an important part of the team's workday.

We also help to bring new team members on board. For this, we explain the appropriate foundations for team-specific working methods and other special activities. Since there are occasional conflicts even in the best and happiest of teams, we are always there to help with conflict management and try to smooth the way to a shared understanding of the situation within the team.

We are well aware that we need to invest a little more time in a few places, which is why we have just recently included a couple of new colleagues who will support us in the Agile Coaches team from August onwards.

Working with individuals

Finally, in addition to working at company level and working with and between teams, the work with individuals forms the third part of our tasks. Although, many aspects and tasks overlap with team and company level tasks.

While we plan and provide training at an aggregated, higher enterprise level, we find out from individual employees, what further training activities would be appropriate for them, and support them throughout the training process. We act as coaches and mentors, and we want to support our colleagues as much as possible.

Similar to the work we do in the teams, we are the contact point if conflicts arise between individual employees. We also try to focus on helping individual employees build their optimal career at //SEIBERT/MEDIA - important for both the employee and the company.

You've now read five quite detailed posts about our work, responsibilities and tasks - it all adds up to be quite a bit. We hope that it is a little clearer what our Agile Coaches do each day at //SEIBERT/MEDIA, and that you can see why we believe this work is valuable and important to us as a company. Now, over to you: Are your Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches active only at a Team level? If not - what tasks do they have outside the teams? Let us know in a comment!

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