Our project for “Wiesbaden Engagiert!” 2017: We are building a website

This year we participated in the "Wiesbaden Engagiert" initiative for the fourth time! As part of this initiative, companies  commit to supporting charitable institutions and social projects in Wiesbaden. (Wiesbaden Engagiert website in German)

Our 2016 contribution was vocational training for young people, in particular practise sessions for job applicants. In previous years, we uprooted a messy garden (2014) at the AWO Wiesbaden's centre for the elderly, and in the following year (2015), we replanted the facility's interior courtyard garden.

Our job applicant training project

Our job applicant training project

Together, we created a green, sunny and inviting seating area in the garden for the residents and their visitors.

Seeing as we have recently had to go out into the open air more often - somewhat untypical for our sector? - we wanted to choose a project that would be much closer to our core competencies.

That's how we decided to work on a project with the Friedrich von Bodelschwingh school, a special school focusing on physical and motor development.

Project: "Speaking without words? We can do that! Now we want to go online"

The Friedrich von Bodelschwingh school in Wiesbaden was urgently looking for support to create a website. Until then, their online presence was unfortunately not very good. But the school wanted to be found easily by parents of children who do not speak much or at all, and it wanted to have an informative and modern online presence.

To make this project come to life, a team of five colleagues - Torsten, Sarah, Anna, Lina and I - have created a website for the "Supported Communication" department. We enjoyed being able to take advantage of all of our different skills and abilities. Torsten was the programmer who created the technical framework behind the website. Our designer Anna used her eye for detail to make sure the website not only looks good, but is also user-friendly. Lina and Sarah focused on the website content and project communication, and my job was to create and edit the school's photo and video material.

You can see the resulting website here: http://fvbs.pv.seibert-media.net/ (website in German)

The homepage of the finished website has a slideshow

The homepage of the finished website has a slideshow

Agile project management helps you achieve your goals efficiently

We met regularly with the school's contacts with the project team to discuss the current status of the website and our next steps. Our approach to project planning and implementation was iterative in approach using Scrum elements. Scrum and agile project management has many advantages, some of which are mentioned here.

The finished website and a sweet thank you from the school

The finished website and a sweet thank you from the school

We are very pleased with the result - we hope that the school now has an easily-found website which provides parents with the information they need . Since the Friedrich von Bodelschwingh school will post content without our help, we will help them with one final workshop on website maintenance. The school will then be well-prepared to keep its website up-to-date in the future.

We wish the Friedrich von Bodelschwingh school a lot of fun with their website and we look forward to the next Wiesbaden Engagiert! ?

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