App Center for Confluence: Controlling the visibility of apps for different user groups

App Center for ConfluenceOpening all applications from within Confluence

App Center is a Confluence app and also a part of the social intranet suite developed by us - Linchpin - which allows users to access the applications, tools and resources they frequently need for their daily work from within Confluence - for example, time tracking, other Atlassian tools, online applications, websites and so on.

Administrators can define an unlimited number of such apps and group them into categories. In a selection dialog, each user can now click to select those apps which he or she most often uses and add them to his or her personal app center. This App Center is accessible from anywhere within Confluence via an additional link in the top-level navigation. The individual apps are shown as icons and the linked applications can be launched directly from Confluence. In this way, the Confluence-based intranet can be expanded to become a cockpit for daily work.

Configuring the visibility of apps

Across all areas of the business, there are dozens if not hundreds of applications which employees use. This raises the question: Do all intranet users need to be able to select from the entire range of tools? Despite being able to organize the apps into groups, the growing collection of applications soon becomes unmanageable. And in any event, the Human Resources department's applications are hardly relevant to developers, while the Marketing team usually doesn't need access to developer tools, etc.

Or perhaps there are certain applications which, for various reasons, not all employees should be able to select?

Ever since the first version of the App Center, you could specify certain apps for employees (these can't be removed by the employees) and recommend apps (grouped in the selection dialog at the very top). Now the App Center also lets you control the visibility of apps for different user groups according to certain profile criteria (in conjunction with the Custom User Profile app , you have infinite personalization options). This new feature allows you to specify which users can and can't see any given app in the selection dialog.

Our compact feature and tutorial video shows you how it works and how an administrator can configure an app’s visibility:

Would you like to get to know the App Center for Confluence better? The current version of the app is available on the Atlassian Marketplace and can be tested obligation-free for 30 days. We would love you to try out this tool and all other parts of our Linchpin intranet suite in our Linchpin demo instance. Perhaps you have questions? Then contact us – our development team welcomes your feedback and suggestions!

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By the way, we've renamed App Center to be Linchpin Launchpad.

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