Microblogging for Confluence: Subscribe to microblog posts and discussions

Subscribe to microposts and discussion threads

In large Confluence instances with many active users, where there is a lot going on and the intranet hums with activity, it is not so easy to keep track of the various discussions. This also applies in particular to embedded Confluence microblogs, where activity can fluctuate greatly.

Background 'noise' quickly grows, where individually interesting and important contributions to the discussion disappear quickly, or at least are not so easy to follow when you are short on time.

In addition, some users don't have the time or opportunity to catch up every day but they still want to stay on top of certain discussions. The daily microblog summary of posts at a global or departmental level, which such a user has subscribed to and receives by email, provides an overview of posts and comments that have been added since yesterday, but they still need to skim through the email. Isn't there a better way?

Version 3.4 of Microblogging for Confluence lets you subscribe to microposts that you are interested in - you will be automatically informed when any response is posted: User X observes a post by user Y. When User Z replies to the micropost or to a reply in the discussion thread, X will receive a notification.

You can keep up to date automatically with the discussion on this particular topic, and you won't miss any details - this is a convenient feature that helps users to separate the signal from the background noise in heavily-used Confluence microblogs.

Subscribe for microblog posts

Copy micropost links intuitively

You will often find you need to link to microblog posts elsewhere: in emails, in Confluence pages, in spreadsheets or external documents, etc. A user can "grab" such a link by copying it from the micropost's time stamp. But this proved not to be so intuitive, especially when a user has no experience with earlier development versions of social networks like Twitter.

The new version of Microblogging for Confluence provides a further (and more expectable) option: For every micropost there is a hamburger menu, with three dots, where you can find a copyable link. Simply click on this link to save it directly to the clipboard and it is ready to be pasted wherever you need it.

Copy the link of microblog posts

Microblog placeholders in the standard theme

With this latest version of Microblogging for Confluence, the team has introduced microblog placeholders for Confluence page templates (blueprints) that save administrators time, and reduce the need to manually configure a microblog whenever a new space is created. Administrators can now use these placeholders in Confluence's default template.

Use microblog placeholder for confluence blueprints

The latest version 3.4 of Microblogging for Confluence is available on the Atlassian Marketplace: You can try it with all of its features for 30 days without obligation. Do you have any questions, feedback or suggestions? Then get in touch with us: Our development team is looking forward to talking to you!

Microblogging for Confluence is also a central component in the Confluence-based social intranet suite Linchpin, also developed by //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

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