Now available on the Atlassian Marketplace: Linchpin touch – the intranet you can touch

Until now, using an intranet and accessing the content and functions within, has been limited to employees who have their own workstation, or at least are able to use one regularly. But in an average large company they are often the minority. People work in trades and manufacturing areas, they are active in factory and assembly halls, warehouses and branches. The branch manager may have a computer; everyone else is cut off from the intranet and its information.

You can change this with Linchpin Touch.

Linchpin Touch expands your intranet beyond workstations

The solution delivers content directly from the Confluence-based Linchpin intranet to large touchscreens, which are best placed in companies where many employees regularly pass through or are present.

This allows truly all employees to access the intranet, to navigate intuitively through important intranet spaces and use features with gestures.

For some organizations, this means an exponential increase in users overnight and a significant increase in exposure for the content, enabling as many people as possible to read and take advantage of the information.

Your company will also save on costs typically spent delivering information via other channels, like classic posters, printed pamphlets containing news, extensive meetings to share announcements, etc.

The touch display user experience

Content is organized into different sections (central area, footer, sidebar) that open up a variety of ways to display content and features and reach people with the information they need.

Linchpin Touch

One of the many ways you can configure Linchpin Touch.

You can offer a wide variety of content and functions on Linchpin Touch: news, announcements, notice boards, safety regulations, internal job offers, canteen menus, notice board, event calendar and details of upcoming corporate events and more.

Linchpin Touch is able to display a variety of Confluence macros. All Linchpin macros and a large number of the standard Confluence macros are optimized to be displayed on the Linchpin Touch screen. They take into account that users are not personally logged in and that there is no keyboard for input.

Easy to maintain and always up-to-date

The content and settings of the Touch installation can be maintained and changed via the central Linchpin instance. Administrators don't need to physically access or modify the touch screens themselves. For example, do you want to display up-to-date company news that's regularly published in the intranet? The page displayed on the touch screen updates itself at regular intervals and automatically broadcasts new articles in real time.

Administration and maintenance is therefore as easy as it can be, configuration is only necessary if, for example, you want to include new functions or revise how the content is to be displayed.

Linchpin Touch administration

Administering Linchpin Touch - how you can configure your intranet for all employees.

Linchpin Touch is officially available and verified on the Atlassian Marketplace and is available as an app for your Confluence-based Linchpin intranet. You can find detailed information about its options and configuration in our knowledge base.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to learn more about Linchpin intranets and the Linchpin Touch solution? Do you need support with its installation? Please get in touch!

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