What’s new in the StepShot Guides Creator?

There are plenty of new things happening these days in StepShot. Recently, we unveiled a new version of StepShot Guides Creator for Confluence Server. There are a bunch of new useful features we cannot wait to tell you about.

The new version 61 is totally glitch-free because ensuring a good customer experience is our top priority. Plus, you can now edit your guides directly on the Confluence page and then send it back to the desktop client. Have we got your attention? But this is not even the whole story. Scroll down to discover more.

Cross-platform compatibility

If you are using Linux in a corporate environment, you can now take advantage of our product on this operating system. We have added a Linux client for Confluence Server so that you can run the app not only on Windows and Mac, but also on Linux. If you see the fourth button on the screenshot below, click on it right now and start StepShotting! Don't forget to share with us what you think of our tool!

StepShot Guides for Confluence Server is available on Linux

New PDF templates

We've streamlined our templates: There are now three main types of PDF templates, whereas we used to offer nine:

  • How-to Layout
  • Layout with Excerpt
  • Troubleshooting Layout

New PDF templates for StepShot Guides for Confluence Server

Our clients have reported that they want their exported guides to look plain and straightforward. We listened to them, and reduced the number of templates to 3 key layouts. For those who want more detailed formatting options, in addition to the three page layouts, there are also three options for step layout:

  • Simple numbering
  • Styled numbering
  • Without numbering

Three options for step layout

Automatic labelling

With the StepShot automatic labelling, you can easily find a page in Confluence that was created with StepShot, simply by typing in one of our labels. StepShot-created Confluence pages are automatically labeled with two of labels: <stepshot-blueprint> and the one that corresponds to the PDF template that you used.

The StepShot automatic labelling

It can be one of the following labels: <kb-troubleshooting-article>, <tkb-how-to-article>, or <kb-layout-with-excerpt-article>. These labels are not editable, but you can assign your own labels to a page in addition to the StepShot labels. See the animated image above.

If a Confluence page has the <stepshot-blueprint> label and a label that corresponds to one of the PDF templates, an option to Edit in StepShot is available in the dropdown context menu. You can send a guide back to the desktop client for further polishing and republish it to Confluence. This feature allows you to collaborate on guides and open the same guide in the desktop client on different computers.

Edit in stepshot

Edit guides, right there in Confluence

The feature that many of our customers have been asking for has finally been implemented. Now, you can edit the layout of a guide directly on the Confluence Server page. For instance, if you have published a guide to Confluence Server using the how-to template, you can easily change it to the troubleshooting template. Plus, you have flexible editing options, including a hierarchy of macros which you can move, delete, edit, etc. On the Confluence Server page, you can add new sections, titles, steps, and descriptions.

Guide editing on the Confluence page

Closing notes

We would like give a heartfelt thank you our clients who are constantly helping us to improve our product by giving us their valuable feedback. We are delighted to read your reviews about new features in the StepShot Guides for Confluence Server version 61. We hope you enjoy it!

Your partner for StepShot Guides for Confluence

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