Linchpin Theme: Customize spaces in Confluence more quickly and with flexibility

Customize individual Confluence spaces without programming

The vast majority of businesses use a unique corporate design (CD) to create a consistent and recognizable brand or image. This corporate design also gets directed inwards – particularly with the systems used internally: the CD-compliant layout should encourage employee engagement and prevent employees from mistaking the software for a foreign system. Especially for a tool like Confluence, whose value becomes apparent in its capacity to get employees involved, this aspect is rarely prioritized enough.

We developed the Linchpin Theme app so you can customize Confluence efficiently and without needing to have your programmers rework systems to match your corporate design. And this solution lets you do more than just customize the entirety of your Confluence instance – you can also customize the nitty gritty of individual Confluence spaces. This means that the spaces for the diverse products or services offered by your business can be visually differentiated, and so can the spaces for different teams and departments, different projects, etc.

Efficiency is important

With Linchpin Theme, you can customize more significantly than with just the native visual modification options that Confluence offers. Along with the ability to change the color palette and logo, you can choose between different layouts for the starting space, establish custom starting spaces for various user groups (for example, teams) and reinforce the footer area with useful links.  The sidebar, when combined with extra modules from the Linchpin intranet suite, lets your employees jump directly to the third-party tools they need to use every day, favorite pages and contacts.

However, being able to visually customize space layouts to suit the customer, product or topic of collaboration is just one side of the coin. The other is that you wan to be able to design and implement the customization as efficiently as possible. It needs to be easy!

For large instances in which dozens of new spaces need to be extensively and manually customized every week, the scale of the task quickly becomes enormous. Linchpin Theme is here to lend a hand and gets rid of most of the manual work!

Flexibly assign space layouts by category

The central feature of the new Linchpin Theme version 2.10 is that you can assign space layouts more flexibly: now it works for space categories too. Layouts can also be assigned according to space categories. By assigning a particular category, the relevant template can be applied automatically.

This makes the individual customization of many spaces much simpler. An space’s visual presentation can be appropriately customized in a matter of seconds.

The newest version of the Linchpin Theme app is available from the Atlassian Marketplace. You can test the product with all its features, obligation-free. Do you have any questions, complaints or feedback? Then please contact us: our development team would be glad to chat!

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By the way, we've renamed Linchpin Theme Plugin to be Linchpin Theme.
Did you know it is one of the core apps in Linchpin, our Confluence-based social intranet suite

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