Easy Agile interview: the Atlassian ecosystem, Agile scaling, online marketing and more

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Not long ago, we had Nick Muldoon and Teagan Harbridge from Easy Agile over as our guests in Wiesbaden to talk about partnership, teamwork and collaborative solutions. Easy Agile develops Jira tools which support agile teams and agile scaling at the team level. Here on the blog, we’ve already talked about what both Roadmaps for Jira and User Story Maps for Jira can do.

This isn’t the first time Nick has visited us. Two years ago, he made the long trip over here to give a wonderful keynote at our Tools4AgileTeams conference.

At the tail end of the recent visit,  I got the chance to interview our two guests. Of course I wasn't going to let it slip by!

We talked about more than just the market landscape including Atlassian, Microsoft, Google and the rest. We also discussed the new GDPR data protection requirements, issues surrounding communicating with clients by email, about the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and more. It's pretty much an interview “about God and the state of the world” (at least, the tech world) which you could leave running in the background if you’re at all interested in Agile scaling, the Atlassian cosmos or online marketing. You’ll be guaranteed to get one bit of lucrative or useful information out of it, but probably more. Here’s the hour-and-a-half long interview:



And here's a condensed summary of the video (approx. 23 min).

Testing and licensing Atlassian apps: We are your partner

Do you want to know more about Easy Agile’s app solutions Roadmaps for Jira or User Story Maps for Jira? Would you like to test the tools for free, or maybe license them right away? //SEIBERT/MEDIA is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and your point of contact for all apps in the Atlassian ecosystem. Please, drop us a line!

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