Merry Christmas from everyone here at //SEIBERT/MEDIA

Thank you for a fantastic 2018!

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, partners, event staff, colleagues, guests - everyone we have had the pleasure of working with or helping this year! We've had a fantastic year with Linchpin,, Agile Hive, G Suite, our Tools4AgileTeams conference, our regular breakfast information sessions, teaching kids how to program with, the Atlassian Summit in Barcelona, and all of the other events we both attended and hosted.

We look forward to bringing you exiting new developments throughout our complete lineup of software, services and apps in 2019. And we wish all of our customers and partners a festive holiday season and a fantastic new year!

If you speak German, we have recorded our 2018 Merry Christmas greetings for you in rhyme.

Our first Santa Claus roadshow

We have a Christmas tradition at //SEIBERT/MEDIA: From the start of December, there is an Advent calendar for everyone, lovingly filled with many great ideas and goodies, the teams arrange a Secret Santa for each other, the offices are decorated - and this year, our very own Santa Claus went on a roadshow!

We didn't want Santa to catch our colleagues completely unprepared, so we gave them a sneak peak with this trailer:

We hope everyone has been on their best behavior over the last twelve months - ho hohoho! 😀

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This video was conceived, filmed, produced and published in privately by our employees. We are happy to publish it here, but as a company, we had no part in it!