True integration – How Jira, Bitbucket and Bamboo work together

Demonstration: Atlassian tools as a seamless development suite

Although this demonstration was from several years go, it is still relevant today. And in fact, Atlassian's expanded tool suite have only been more tightly integrated! Atlassian's tools ensure they work well together, achieving a seamless integration of ticket and tracking systems, continuous integration servers and repository management systems.

Back in 2014, we hosted Jens Schumacher, then the group product manager for Atlassian's development tools in Sydney for a few days. We captured this demonstration where he showed us how Jira, Stash and Bamboo work together - from issues to branches, pull requests and tests, to a successful quality-checked release of a change made to the main code base.

Let's have a look at how Atlassian's tools were integrated all those years ago!

Do you want an integrated development suite?

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