Chilled water, shared knowledge, productive work – my internship at //SEIBERT/MEDIA in Wiesbaden

Not long now and my time at //SEIBERT/MEDIA will come to an end. Of course, I was looking forward to working here, but when I started, five months seemed like quite a long time for an internship. However, looking back, I must say I was wrong – the time has flown by.

I decided to take the fifth semester of my Bachelor degree in Management & Economics off to do a Marketing internship in Events at //SEIBERT/MEDIA – and I haven't regretted my decision for a second.

I can remember the first week only too well, when the team threw me in at the deep end – with care, of course. They were open to answering all of my questions and provided me with an onboarding page on our internal wiki page. Nonetheless, I certainly struggled a little bit at the start, trying to find my way around internal tools such as Confluence or Jira or get an overview of our products such as Linchpin, or Agile Hive. And then there was all of the upcoming events!

But I actually thought it was great that I was allowed to dive right in and that the marketing team gave me real tasks to do from the very beginning. It helped me to get a quick grasp of what each of the products does and which of a client's problems they are designed to solve. In this way, I was able to gain practical experience with Confluence and Jira fast.

A flight plan for my journey at //SEIBERT/MEDIA

As well as the onboarding page I mentioned before, new employees are also given an "intergalactic flight plan," which sets out how they can collect stars by completing a number of different tasks. It covers the welcome cake that newbies bring to the office, as well as various tasks for the first week, organizational tasks, training and workshops, and even social events. I always found this manual to be a great help when I wasn't sure what to do next, and the flight plan helped me to become well integrated into the company very quickly.

Among other things, participation in training courses on Jira and Confluence got me two stars and also provided me with a detailed introduction to the tools that I needed to use every day.

Practical knowledge

Even though my prior technical knowledge was rather negligible, I have never felt out of place (although //SEIBERT/MEDIA is definitely a software company, through and through). And thanks to our weekly internal programming course, I was able to expand my knowledge pretty quickly.

The company stands for using software to promote and improve agile collaboration. I wanted to gain a deeper insight into the topic, so I took part in an internal workshop on the basics of agile collaboration, where we learned about methods such as Kanban and Scrum, among other things.

I found the agile processes such as the weekly stand up and the retrospectives very useful as a way to stay on top of what was happening within our 15-strong team (which is quite large) and see how the others were getting on with their work and in which areas they might have needed a hand.

A leap straight into productive work

My main task was organizing the upcoming events for the company, both large and small. These ranged from customer workshops with around ten participants to the two-day Tools4AgileTeams Conference with a total of approx. 200 attendees. Here I was able to gain an insight into website design, financial calculations, design tasks, and event organization and get involved myself too.

I was able to dive deep into the topic of video recording and editing for marketing videos. This included supervising webinars, which usually take place once a month, "filming" announcements and product information for our customer community, and even producing interviews with customers and partners.

And not the least, I was able to get to grips with product marketing and even had the opportunity to work on marketing for StepShot and the iFinder. The focus here was on the design for the Knowledge Base pages with feature details, user guides, and tips for how to use the products effectively.

Aside from my main tasks, I was always able to shadow other members of my team and try my hand at other things such as Photoshop or Illustrator. I quickly realized that everyone at //SEIBERT/MEDIA is keen to prevent the formation of "knowledge islands." I also thought the team workshops on the use of Adobe Creative Cloud or the guidelines for creating good Confluence pages were great.

On equal terms

I can't thank my team enough for the wonderful time I spent with them, it was certainly a good investment! I felt that I was in excellent hands and gained many insights into new areas of marketing. I was able to work independently from the very beginning; I felt that the team trusted me and I was able to take on a lot of responsibility. This made for an enjoyable atmosphere in the office, where everyone was working on equal terms – something that I truly appreciated.

It is with a heavy heart that I'm leaving my team and everyone else at //SEIBERT/MEDIA and I hope that our paths will cross again. It was a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable experience!

Options for students: Internships at //SEIBERT/MEDIA

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