Asset Tracker for Jira: Systematic ITSM and asset management

Get transparency for all of your company assets

When a company grows, new needs arise especially when it comes to the internal administration and organization of technical assets. At some point, IT services no longer function properly when you have to physically go to the IT department to get a necessary technical component from a large box.

Systematic, transparent processes in a digital system become essential for tracking IT assets.

However, such a simple but structured asset management need does not necessarily justify the strict, detailed and comprehensive requirements that a company needs to meet when implementing a full-on ERP solution, especially when it covers only a few specific use cases. In particular, if you are already using Jira internally, you probably want this system to cover your new requirements.

Asset Tracker for Jira

That's where Asset Tracker for Jira comes in, developed by our friends at Spartez in Poland.

Martin is joined by Jacek Wizmur-Szymczak and Pawel Mazur from Spartez in a recent webinar to take a look the features and advantages of using Asset Tracker for Jira.

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