Workflows and approvals in Confluence: Comala Workflows, Workflows Lite and Approvals

How to add additional content controls to your Confluence instance

Confluence, as an enterprise wiki and a social collaboration solution, offers a high degree of freedom to your employees and teams in your business. However, for some organizations, this freedom comes with its share of hiccups. The freedom and flexibility to create content at any time and anywhere in the instance is great, but organizations need to pace themselves and plan if they want to develop a truly modern collaboration environment. At times, management still needs tools that guide collaboration, and also to comply with content creation guidelines. That's why it's best to learn about best practices before starting to publish content in a free-for-all manner.

The Comala Workflows app for Confluence was developed by our Spanish friends at Comalatech and it is one of the most successful apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. It meets the needs of companies who want to benefit from Confluence's powerful content collaboration capabilities, while at the same time, it gives them additional review and release options to control content publication to meet internal requirements.

New features and new apps to enhance the content publication process

Some time ago Simon Gatto (COO at Comalatech) visited us in Wiesbaden, and he chatted about what Comalatech has been working on: they've delivered a new set of features and apps.

Comala Workflows now has a new visual workflow designer that allows you to create your own custom workflows, no coding required! Even if you don't have a technical background or any knowledge of scripting languages, with Comala Workflows, it's easy to create your own ideal workflow for content creation and approval.

The Comalatech product family includes two new independent apps: Comala Approvals and Comala Workflows Lite. These apps are aimed at users who could take advantage of Comala Workflows and Approvals but have less complex requirements.

This provides customers who want to work with Comala Workflows with two additional (and cost-effective) options, depending on their individual needs (and budget). Both products are available for Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud.

Comala Workflows, Workflows Lite and Approvals at a glance

In this interview with Simon, I chat with him about the new functionality in Comala Workflows and the new apps in the Comalatech family of products; including what customer requirements they target. If you missed the session, here's the recording:

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