Alternatives to Office 365: How poor usability makes it difficult to correctly configure MS Office

If you've considered moving to a cloud-based office solution, you may be unaware that you'll find a good alternative in Google: G Suite. For many reasons, a large portion of business clients consider Microsoft's Office 365 to be the only truly enterprise-suitable option; such customers have yet to expand their horizons.

Microsoft Office 365 has a variety of problems, both big and small, which pose challenges for all its users; new users in particular. In other words, all of your employees who use a cloud-based office solution every day. They want to work as efficiently and productively as possible, but when using Office 365 they will face a host of problems that will undoubtedly trip them up.

First steps in a new system

My goal with our video series on this subject is not to make a feature-by-feature comprehensive software comparison between Office 365 and G Suite. Instead, I walk you through by using Office 365 like a normal administrator and user who takes their first steps in the system, learning the basic functions by doing them.

How does a feature feel? Is its functionality intuitive and self-explanatory? Was it designed in a user-friendly way? My goal is to raise customer awareness about such aspects - and by doing so also encourage them to take a more critical view through the lens of the actual user when evaluating software.

An administrative hurdle (before even starting)

In this episode I actually wanted to take a look at SharePoint, but unfortunately I was prevented from doing so due to administrative problems: inconsistent and therefore unusable language settings. Join me on this journey through the confusing configuration aspects of Office 365:

You can also find all of the other videos from this series in our Knowledge Base.

Your experienced Google G Suite partner

Are you interested in modern business collaboration using Google software? Contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more: We are an official Google Cloud Partner and would be happy to advise you on everything from how to get started, to licensing, and how to get the most out of Google G Suite!

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