Scroll Documents: Professional document management for Confluence

Working with large documents in a structured, methodical way

When you and your team collaborate on content creation, Atlassian Confluence can be a great solution. While it has many helpful tools for managing your corporate content, Confluence tends to be lacking when it comes to managing your documents in a systematic, professional manner. This is especially the case for large documents that don't fit nicely into single page-sized frames.

This is where Scroll Documents comes in. Scroll Documents is Confluence app developed by our friends at K15t which adds modern document management processes to Confluence. With Scroll Documents, you can easily combine extensive, multi-page content into your documents and you can manage them all as individual content units. There are many useful features such as a library view, instant access to your metadata, and helpful tools to structure your document creation workflow. Templates, version management, and workflows allow you to implement document approval and release processes.

From technical teams working on large requirement documents, to HR departments managing employee manuals, to even managing contract documents in Confluence; there are a myriad of ways that Scroll Documents can potentially be useful for you and your team.

In order to learn more about Scroll Documents and to see these features in action, I recorded a webinar with Shannon Meehan and Anshuman Dash from K15t. In our session, the two presenters introduced me to their product, described a few of the more obvious use cases and showed some of its key features. Here's a recording of the webinar.

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