Linchpin Suite 2.0: news magazines, new design, improved performance and app branding

The last ten weeks have flown by! During this period, our development teams have once again delivered new features for the Linchpin Intranet Suite. Linchpin Intranet Suite is now available in the brand new version 2.0. This new version of the suite brings you various new features, improvements and better options for additional use cases.

There is a brand new microblog editor, making the news even more personalized and visually appealing than before. Also, Linchpin Mobile now gives you several branding possibilities. And don't forget: Linchpin Suite is now fully compatible with Confluence 7!

In this article we'll give you an overview of what's new.

Compatibility with Confluence 7

First of all, the Linchpin Intranet Suite is now fully compatible with Confluence 7. With this update, you won't have to worry about Linchpin working with the latest version of Confluence. You won't use any functionality with Linchpin.

News Magazines

We get a lot of feedback from customers who say that they want to replace the traditional print versions of their employee magazines as part of their digitization strategy - meaning that the content that used to be in print has been transferred to the internet. In addition to just transferring print media content to a webpage, companies have internal editorial teams who emphasize the importance of visual presentation quality when presenting certain intranet content. There is a new feature in this version of Linchpin Suite that meets this demand: news magazines. With news magazines, you can present relevant information to users in a visually appealing and flexible manner.

News magazines work a lot like pages found on modern news websites. This is especially useful for providing focused information on select topics. You also have the flexibility to put news and text modules together on one page. You also have different tile layout variants to choose from. These layouts distribute themes in different ways in order to present them in a visually appealing way and with plenty of variety.

Administrators and editors can add, set up, and change corresponding categories in a straightforward way. In editing mode, the page layout is always clearly in view. Individual elements can be adapted - for example, options such as hover effects work well for each module and don't work as well for the entire page. You can also define which news and blog entries should be automatically integrated here (all, only certain rubrics, or only certain categories).

News tiles get a new look

This latest version of Linchpin comes with a fresh, new design for news tiles, focusing more on delivering high quality visual material. Images and graphics completely fill the tiles in this modern, full-screen design. News titles are placed over pictures, while teaser texts and meta information fade in when you hover your mouse over the area.

You can choose between classic and full screen designs, and the option has a global effect: When you change your design option, it changes how articles are presented both in cover stories as well as in the news portal.

Microblog: new editor and improved performance

The Microblog is one of the most popular modules in all of Linchpin. In version 2.0 of Linchpin Suite, we are happy to announce the Microblog is getting a brand new editor! We've replaced the Confluence-based editor now with our own proprietary development in order to improve security. The new editor makes the microblog much easier to use. For example, you no longer have to jump to the beginning of a post to reply to it. Now you can simply enter the answer directly below the post as a comment. You can also include any number of microblog macros on a page and use them without any problems.

The new editor is also much more intuitive than the old Confluence-based editor. When you create microposts, you only see the functions that you truly need. For starters, this shortens the loading time of the microblog and improves overall performance. The new upload window allows you to quickly upload and delete attachments and images while editing. Additionally, deleting an image now also means that it is removed from the theme: therefore it doesn't store the image unnecessarily on the server.

Even more personalization in Linchpin

Additionally, we've also improved the heart of the Linchpin Intranet Suite: personalization! We're proud of just how much personalization is now possible in Linchpin. Version 2.0 of Linchpin Intranet Suite features a new module that further improves personalization.

You can completely personalize individual pages and entire dashboards for your users with Linchpin Personalized Content. While in the past with Linchpin you could personalize news or events, this new module goes far beyond that, making it possible to personalize elements such as teasers independently, based on information found in a user's profile.

Generating buzz for your company with Linchpin Mobile branding

Last but not least: the Linchpin Mobile app also received a major update. Linchpin Mobile now offers many more possibilities for your company branding.

Now you can kick off your branding campaign with the latest version of the Linchpin Intranet Suite. No longer are you limited to a single "About us" page on your website. Now you can create as many pages as you like, which can also be made accessible to anonymous users. The so-called public stream is the perfect place to further build your brand and to make your company accessible to a wider audience.

This is a great way to present your company: for example its products, reviews, or even job postings.

Improved menu integration with Linchpin Theme module

Navigation in the Linchpin Intranet Suite is now firmly anchored in the Linchpin Theme module. You can now find sub-menu navigation in the configuration of Linchpin Theme. Thanks to this new location, now you can use navigation tools globally or at the area level. In area layouts, for example, you can hide navigation in an area that you know will have external users. We weren't able to do this in earlier versions of Linchpin, but now it's possible!

Usage tracking

In version 2.0 of Linchpin Intranet Suite, usage tracking is integrated for the first time. An anonymous tracking system has been integrated into the Microblog module, enabling you to make data-based product decisions rather than relying too heavily on conversations with individual customers or simply trusting your gut. For example, now you can count the processing rate of microblog contributions. Tracking is enabled by default, but you can disable it at any time in the Confluence administrator under Linchpin Usage. Nevertheless, we would appreciate it if you would use the tracking feature, as it helps us with the customer-oriented aspect of developing Linchpin Intranet Suite further!

Social Intranet with Confluence: Try it out today!

Would you like to know more? We would be happy to talk to you about your specific requirements and invite you to a demo appointment. For more information about functionality, advantages, and prices, you can visit our Linchpin Intranet Suite website. Or you can also take a look at what all Linchpin has to offer by trying out our public demo instance today. The public demo instance is available at any time and is perfectly suited to get a first impression.

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