Erlangen University Hospital and Linchpin Intranet: A modern portal for more than 8,000 employees

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With its 25 clinics, 18 departments, and 7 institutes, Erlangen University Hospital covers all areas of modern medicine. In addition to having a world-renowned operating room, the hospital equips itself with not only the latest medical devices, but it also employs cutting edge - and scientifically sound - diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is proud to partner with Erlangen University Hospital, where we've implemented a social intranet project based on our Linchpin intranet suite.  This collaboration has resulted in a modern portal which brings together more than 8,000 employees from many different areas of the Erlangen University Hospital system into one place.

The requirements for the new employee portal

Before we introduced the new intranet, the hospital used many different software solutions; in many cases they were even using different software in individual departments. Therefore, one of our main goals was to consolidate these different approaches into one unified system using Linchpin. This way, users hoped that it would be easier for them to search for information, while administrators anticipated that they would reduce their workload.

But was is successful? Did our new Linchpin-based employee portal give the hospital technical advantages over their old system? For example, how prepared were employees and editors for the changeover? Furthermore, how was employee reception? What initial feedback did users give?

You can find interesting answers to these and other questions in a detailed interview with Clemens Brutscheck, former project manager at Erlangen University Hospital, who pushed and assisted us in the intranet launch process.

Linchpin Intranet: Try it out today

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