Linchpin at enercity AG: A modern social intranet for more than 2,300 employees

In the Hanover region, enercity AG supplies over 700,000 people with electricity, natural gas, district heating and drinking water. In addition, enercity also offers attractive electricity and gas products nationwide for business customers. With annual sales of around EUR 2.3 billion, enercity is one of the largest municipal energy providers in Germany.

// SEIBERT/MEDIA carried out a social intranet implementation project with enercity AG based on the Linchpin Intranet Suite . A modern social collaboration platform has emerged that connects more than 2,300 employees and promotes digital collaboration, communication and agility in the company.

What were the requirements for the new intranet?

The previous intranet of enercity AG was a classic editing system that has been well suited for top-down communication in recent years. But the world of work is changing and so is communication. With Linchpin a step towards social collaboration should be made. The goal was to have a platform that enables top-down communication, but at the same time also promoted collaboration within the company.

Did you succeed? Why did you choose Linchpin? What were the key requirements? How do the employees accept the new system? What added value does Linchpin offer the company?

An extensive interview with the project team, which drove and accompanied the new intranet at enercity AG, offers interesting answers to these and other questions.

How did the go-live of the new intranet go?

Various creative communication and marketing measures were implemented before and during the introduction of the new intranet.

The project team reports in the following interview which measures and actions the project team, specifically organized to make Linchpin known to the company and its employees, and how the onboarding of the employees went.

Linchpin intranet: get to know and test now

Are you interested in Confluence as an intranet basis? Would you like to add helpful enterprise features to an existing platform? With Linchpin we offer a mature solution that Confluence extends to a full social intranet suite. You can find detailed information on functions, possibilities, advantages and prices on our  Linchpin website .

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