Linchpin at AGES: A modern social intranet as an information hub for about 1400 employees

The Agency for Health and Nutritional Security GmbH (AGES) is a company from the Republic of Austria and employs approximately 1400 people. AGES supports the management of the federal ministries in matters of public health, protection of human, animal and plant health, and the safety and quality of nutrition.

Our Linchpin partner ByteSource , together with AGES, carried out a social intranet implementation project based on the Linchpin Intranet Suite. A modern information hub has emerged that offers a platform for exchange and promotes communication between employees in the company.

What were the requirements?

Before the introduction of the new intranet based on the Linchpin Intranet Suite , an outdated Typo3 instance was in use. The goal was to replace this Typo3 instance and to efficiently integrate the employees into the new platform in order to promote social communication within the company.

In the following interview, Jonathan Moosheer reveals how AGES proceeded with the evaluation, what requirements existed and why Linchpin meets these requirements.

How did the Golive go and how do their employees accept the new system?

In order to make Linchpin known to their employees and to promote acceptance of the new system, targeted measures and actions can be helpful. In the video interview below, Jonathan Moosheer describes which measures have been implemented at AGES and how their employees adopted the new system.

Linchpin intranet: Learn about and test now

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