Machine Learning – An Introduction (TechTalk with Dr. Karthik Muthuswamy on 07.02.2020)

Machine Learning: concept, progress and areas of application

Machine learning is a technological trend that is making its way into the world of work. In website chats, people have long been communicating with learning bots. AI is playing an increasingly important role in areas such as data analysis and process automation. Solutions such as Google G Suite increase the processing efficiency of e-mails through machine learning. It's no wonder that this trend towards machine learning is of interest to so many.

A few weeks ago, here at //Seibert/Media, we hosted a Google Cloud Study Jam on machine learning and explored these concepts and technologies in a compact, practical format.

The keynote address we given by Dr. Karthik Muthuswamy and in case you missed out on it, we just wanted to make sure to share it with you! He is Google Developer Expert (GDE) and full-time Data Scientist at SAP.

In his introduction, he outlines in a clear and understandable way what machine learning is all about, what progress has been made recently and for which application areas machine learning is particularly valuable. Check out the video:

TechTalk #34 - Cloud Study Jam "Machine Learning"