Continuation of our services during the Corona crisis: Remote collaboration rather than physical contact


The Corona crisis is affecting all of us right now, and we are experiencing it first-hand experience, too. Customers are canceling on-site workshops with us or aren't allowed to have any external guests on-site, companies are issuing travel bans for their employees, and questions of safety and security are top of the agenda.

For us, this is a reason to offer you options for useful and productive replacements for in-person appointments or events (temporarily or perhaps permanently). There's no need for our collaboration and coordination to suffer – quite the opposite!

Digital rather than in-person

Our consulting and training teams are now offering you far more opportunities to conduct meetings remotely, all of which take place using video conferencing and screen-sharing. We have a lot of experience with these formats and can guarantee that your meetings will be professional, seamless, and focused. Furthermore, on your end, the technical requirements for high-quality sessions aren't all that high.

This has several benefits that are also useful in "normal "circumstances. Based on our experience, these kinds of meetings are often more compact than face-to-face – owing to the remote situation, they are more focussed and subject to fewer distractions and digressions. As such, the time investment is often less, but you get the same added value in terms of content.

Moreover, remote sessions are possible at much shorter notice than classic meetings and workshops – less time is required for planning and while the logistics of travel and physical presence no longer play a role.

Remote collaboration rather than cancellation

Thanks to our remote options, there's no need to cancel existing appointments. They can still go ahead as planned – they'll just be a little different (perhaps new for some).

This means that your roadmaps and project plans won't be thrown off by cancellations or postponements. And you won't need to start all over again in three months to rework the content that you've already invested time and energy into preparing.

Get your services now rather than waiting longer for them later

If you decide to take the remote option for the in-person events you had planned rather than postponing them indefinitely, you'll avoid backlogs in the future. Once the whole situation has calmed down, it is highly likely that we will be faced with a longer pipeline of pending or postponed events. At that time, finding new appointments that suit everyone's requirements will probably prove quite a challenge. Consequently, the progress of your projects could be delayed even further than it already is.

The situation at present looks a lot different. Since virtual collaboration doesn't require any travel, we actually have more staff resources than we usually would and can cater to your specific needs more flexibly.

The right time for your project?

Is your company affected by the crisis in a way that has temporarily freed up resources that would usually be occupied by daily business? Then, maybe now is a good time to move internal projects forward that have been on the backburner for a long time and couldn't be tackled due to a lack of personnel resources.

We can carry out intranet implementation projects based on Linchpin, Agile Hive projects, or G Suite inductions without any physical contact with your contacts or employees, while still working effectively and efficiently in close collaboration. This is true of both conceptional workshops and the configuration of your systems.

Let's talk about alternatives!

If you decide to communicate and work together with us remotely, we will have a high chance of seeing real progression despite these extraordinary circumstances. Get in touch with us or speak to your project contact at //SEIBERT/MEDIA so that we can discuss alternatives to your planned events or workshops and find effective and efficient remote solutions for our collaboration!

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