Customer Success Story: Google G Suite at Namics

Google G Suite at Namics

The full-service digital agency Namics - with offices in Germany, Switzerland, and Serbia -  has made it their mission to use tailor-made solutions to accompany their clients in transformations for the digital future. Namics now uses the cloud-based, location-independent office solution: Google G Suite.  Its arrival on the market has rendered complex data searches a thing of the past and brought collaboration to new heights.

We spoke with Christoph Sonnen, Director of IT Services, and Achim Zeller, Senior System Engineer, about why teams at Namics have gone for Google G Suite and how they've benefitted so far.

Google G Suite

Why did you decide to work with G Suite?

Namics was looking for a solution that would enable us to make our work more Cloud-based. We came from an environment with a Lotus Notes mail instance and individual file servers.  We were sharing data across several locations, and it was difficult to retrieve the data after all that.  Several members of our management team were already using Google privately.  That made the switch easier.  We then compared Google G Suite to other similar solutions on the market.  The ability to share documents regardless of location is why we felt Google G Suite was the tool with the best fit.

What has changed since you introduced Google G Suite?

The most significant differences can be seen on peoples' desks. There are now fewer telephones because both internal spoken and written communication now takes place via Google Hangouts or the chat.  We're also printing a lot less!  The ability to collaborate on documents at the same time and then to share them regardless of location is a vast improvement.  We're also holding more online meetings.  This helps make things more pleasant as it brings everyone together.  This is the kind of collaboration made possible by Google G Suite.

What has been your experience of the Hangouts Meet hardware?

We currently have a Hangouts Meet solution in each office. This helps us to find answers to problems more efficiently.  Of course, we're also saving on travel costs! Our experience with the Hangouts Meet solution has been very, very good. It's intuitive. When you start the system, you see the meetings that are planned for that room. You click the one you need, and you're in the meeting.

What made you choose //SEIBERT/MEDIA as a partner for Google G Suite?

We were already using another //SEIBERT/MEDIA product.  The project collaboration went really well, and when we found out that //SEIBERT/MEDIA also offered Google products, it was an obvious choice.  This has continued to be a good collaboration.

What would you say to other companies with similar challenges?

You must consider the people you work with when evaluating tools such as Google G Suite.  Either your colleagues are also comfortable using these tools, or you isolate yourself because they aren't.  There are plenty of companies making the switch.  You have to take a step back and look at the big picture.  Additionally, there are also a lot of tools within G Suite that work with Microsoft.  But overall, the Google package was better for us than Microsoft's.  Our customers are continuously surprised at how efficient everything works now.

Your partner for the G Suite and Google Cloud solutions

Are you interested in modern collaboration in your company using Google software as an alternative to MS Office? Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to find out more: We are an official Google Cloud Partner and would be happy to give you no-strings advice on the implementation, licensing, and productive use of Google G Suite!

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