Linchpin Cloud – Current development status and release of the web and mobile app

Linchpin CloudSince last year, there has been a team dedicated entirely to the development of Linchpin for the cloud (here is an introductory piece on the product). Up to that point, our social intranet based on Atlassian Confluence was only available for use with servers or data centers, that is, for use within a company's own IT infrastructure.

As a way to accommodate the high demand for a cloud version and enable us to offer an appropriate alternative, we began developing Linchpin Cloud. This solution can function independently from Atlassian.

That means that in contrast to the server and data center version, Linchpin Cloud works without having Confluence as a basis and is a stand-alone product that doesn't initially require any third-party systems. They can, however, be integrated, so it is possible (and, of course, practical) to incorporate Confluence Cloud into Linchpin Cloud as a knowledge management solution, as well as other tools such as Google G Suite.

And now, you can finally try out Linchpin Cloud for yourself: The beta version of the solution is now available as a web and mobile app.

Which features are our development team working on?

Our development team is currently working hard on new features, integration options, and performance, to further improve Linchpin Cloud and get it fit for launch. Their focus is now on the Confluence integration mentioned above. Furthermore, we are looking at several new features for the mobile app. And the team is also hard at work behind the scenes, tinkering and finetuning to improve performance and make the cloud experience as seamless as possible.

Incorporate content from Linchpin Cloud straight into Confluence Cloud

The most significant improvement is a plugin for Confluence Cloud, which enables users to display content and features from Linchpin Cloud within the Atlassian ecosystem. To do so, you will require a Confluence Cloud instance alongside your Linchpin Cloud instance, in which the respective app can be installed for integration.

As soon as the app is integrated, it can be configured in the administration area. Here, you simply select a workspace to link up Linchpin Cloud with Confluence Cloud. You can then add items to the menu, such as "Linchpin Cloud" and "News Magazine."

One-click on Linchpin Cloud takes the user directly to the Linchpin Cloud homepage. The menu item "News Magazine" displays all news content from Linchpin in Confluence Cloud. These can be easily integrated into other pages using the corresponding macro and are updated in real-time.

Open links directly in the mobile app

In the last sprint, the development team also looked at the subject of deep links. If a user receives a link on their mobile device, which leads to content within Linchpin Cloud, clicking the link will now open the corresponding content directly in the mobile app. This way, they no longer have to take a detour via their browser.

Release must-haves: Error log and storage limit

Furthermore, we are working hard to prepare Linchpin Cloud for publication on the Atlassian Marketplace and implementing the necessary requirements. Among other things, we have implemented the required error notifications that will be sent if a user goes over the available storage limit.

Improvements to usability

Furthermore, the current sprint solved several usability challenges and repaired several bugs. This included background optimizations, for example, the option to display users' own news pieces with the publication date in the sidebar of the news section. Aside from that, the team also enhanced the appearance of the user invitations to join the intranet.

Questions and contact

Do you want to learn more about Linchpin Cloud or the Linchpin Intranet Suite for servers and data centers? We'd be happy to talk to you about your requirements and use cases and invite you to take a demo. Feel free to get in touch!

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