Last call for Tools4AgileTeams 2020!

Tools4AgileTeams 2020Your favorite Agile conference is getting a mini-makeover!

This year has presented everyone with many challenges due to COVID-19.  Many of us have had to rethink conferences, and that includes our Tools4AgileTeams 2020 here in Wiesbaden.

Some of you may be wondering why it's been quiet on the T4AT front so far.  The thing is, we've been watching how Corona has been developing and what measures have been carried out to stem the flow.  It is of utmost importance to us to provide you with not just an eventful conference, but a safe one.

The last month has started to look better, and we've shaken off the dust to move forward, fully motivated, and impassioned.

With that said, we are happy to announce that we will move ahead with T4AT in 2020.  It will take place on the 3rd and 4th of December, as usual, but with a different format.  But isn't that what agility is all about, embracing change?

So, our beloved T4AT conference is getting a little makeover, and we're convinced that together with you, we can all make this work despite all the challenges.

In-person & remote: Our first hybrid conference

It's important to us that we're transparent with all of you and lay all the possible options on the table.  The most important question is where everything is going to take place.  Will everything take place on-location? No.  As a hybrid event, part of it will take place as usual at the Rhein-Main Congress Center in Wiesbaden, and another part will happen remotely.

Depending on what the COVID-19 situation is at the time of the conference, we'll decide how many guests can participate in-person.  It's essential to us that we take all necessary precautions to make the event as safe for everyone as possible.  The talks and presentations that will take place on-location will become more concrete over the next few months.  We're currently planning for the majority of the even to take place at the RMCC.

Those of you who would like to generally take part remotely - don't worry!  Apart from the physical event in Wiesbaden, the remote sessions are going to offer an excellent, interactive experience via a conference app.  We want to show you that networking and collaboration of ideas can still be as valuable remotely as in-person.

No central theme just tracks full of content

Ok, so we did make just the one change but not because of Corona.  For the first time in many years, there won't be a universal topic.  One of the things that have made T4AT so attractive and successful is its thematic diversity.  This time we want to offer seven different tracks with different content.  There will be some classic T4AT themes, but some exciting new ones, too:

  • Agile Teamwork
  • Agile Leadership
  • Agile Games
  • Scaling Agile
  • Transform your Work with Google Cloud
  • Digital Transformation with Atlassian Software
  • Culture Lounge

Each track will have cool keynotes from top-class speakers as well as lectures, workshops, and other sessions.  We're also curious how this format will turn out.  We hope that we will be able to cover as many bases as possible and have another successful T4AT.

As soon as we've evaluated the Call for Sessions and put together a preliminary agenda, we'll release the details of the program by the end of August.

Speaking of Call for Sessions...

Submit your topics by July 31st!

You still have time until the end of the week to send us your topic suggestions.  As we said before, we are planning theme-specific tracks this year.  After the end of the Call for Sessions, we will work hard to give feedback and put together the conference program.

We won't tell you what you should base your talk on or how you should present it - that's 100% up to you.  Whether it's a traditional lecture/presentation, interactive session, short workshop - or how about a contribution to the track called "Agile Games"?  All options are opened to you.

So go ahead and submit your topic for this year's Tools4AgileTeams hybrid conference.

We're all really looking forward to welcoming you to the conference on the 3rd & 4th of December (which is our 9th, by the way).  We hope that the pandemic situation will have eased up by then.  Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our event organization team.  They will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.  Until then, stay safe!

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